Hotel Policies

Thank you for choosing the Illini Union Hotel. We appreciate your business!

The following property guidelines and restrictions have been developed to help us reach our goal of providing all our guests with a comfortable and safe stay. Guests who fail to follow these guidelines and restrictions may have their current and future reservations with us terminated and may also be asked to vacate the hotel premises. Guests who are asked to vacate the hotel premises after violating these guidelines and restrictions remain responsible for their full room and tax charges for their current reservation (which will be applied to the credit card on file), and necessary repair charges (see below); they will also forfeit all deposits for their current reservation, regardless of the time of departure.

Professional Atmosphere: All guests and their invitees are expected to act in accordance with the Illini Union Hotel's standard of maintaining a professional atmosphere in public areas and private accommodations. To that end, guests and their invitees must: (a) maintain appropriate noise levels; (b) refrain from underage drinking, illegal drug use or public intoxication; (c) refrain from using verbally abusive or offensive language in public areas; (d) refrain from engaging in unsafe, inappropriate, or abusive behavior in common areas; (e) refrain from lighting candles in their rooms; and (f) maintain an appropriate level of personal hygiene.

Age Guidelines: Registered students of the University of Illinois may reserve or occupy accommodations at any age. Individuals who are not registered students of the University of Illinois must be a minimum of 18 years of age to reserve or occupy accommodations without a legal parent or guardian. Nonstudent guests under the age of 16 years old must be supervised by a legal parent or guardian at all times.

Parking: Oversized SUVs, trucks, campers, tour busses or custom vehicles cannot be accommodated.
Hotel is not responsible for the damage or theft to vehicles in the parking lot.

Pets: Only service/companion animals are allowed in the Illini Union Hotel. Please note: the rest of the Illini Union has this same restriction on pets.

Check in and Check out: Check in begins at 3 p.m. and check out is promptly at 11 a.m. on the day of departure. Early check in may be guaranteed by purchasing the accommodation the night before. Late checkout fees vary and are assessed by management.

Lost and Found: The hotel is not responsible for lost or stolen articles, damage or injury.

Room Condition: Guests accept full responsible for paying all restoration charges required to rectify or repair any damages to their accommodations which occur during their stay including, but not limited to, the following types of services: restorative cleaning, carpet or soft goods cleaning or replacement, painting, furniture or accessory repair or replacement, restoration to drapes, and furniture or carpet from cigarette/cigar smoke damage or fumigation (see below). Restoration charges, such as those discussed below, will be billed directly to the credit or debit card supplied to the Illini Union Hotel upon check-in. The guest is also responsible for all damages to the Illini Union Hotel caused by the guest and his/her invitees.

Smoking: Pursuant to the Illinois Smoke-Free Campus Act, the Illini Union Hotel is a non-smoking facility. Guests in whose accommodations smoking takes place will incur a minimum fee of $250 for a standard guestroom and $500 for a suite. If the Illini Union Hotel's actual restoration costs exceed these minimum fees, the guest will be responsible for the actual costs of the restoration. Guests may also be responsible for any fines or fees associated with the Campus's Smoke-Free Campus policy.